Health in Old Age - Dancing Together

The Dancing Together project has been completed and is now closed.  This page is for information only.

Dancing Together was a 3-month project funded by Community First that started in October 2014 and addressed elderly isolation, health and wellbeing in the over 50s in the Bow East area of Tower Hamlets.   While aimed primarily at the Chinese and Vietnamese communities, it was not exclusive and was open to people from all communities.

This lively and fun weekly gathering brought different groups of people together to enjoy and practise dance and movement.  It also provided a relaxed environment to meet people, develop new skills and have the opportunity to seek health-related advice and support, with specialist support from staff fluent in Chinese and Vietnamese.

Why the project is important

Independence in older people is a borough priority, as older people in Tower Hamlets have a greater burden of disease and lower wellbeing compared to regional and national averages:

  • The healthy life expectancy of men and women in Tower Hamlets aged 65 is lower than the London average.  
  • 56% of 65–84 year olds report long-term limiting illness compared to 48% nationally.
  • 80% of over-65 year olds have at least one chronic condition and of these 35% have at least 3.
  • (Source: Tower Hamlets Public Health 2012/13).

The project was funded for 12 weeks, starting on 13th October 2014 and took place at the Tredegar Community Centre.

Further information

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